Darrell Flora, Jr., has over 20 years of experience in marketing, real estate, and the insurance and financial services industry. A lifelong resident of Southern Oregon, Darrell is married to Skye, a realtor, and has two wonderful children, Sierra and DJ.

He believes that investments outside the traditional Wall Street options are a great alternative to help investors of all kinds diversify and gain better-than-average returns. He is committed to increasing the earning potential for investors while helping them complement more traditional portfolios. A conservative investor, Darrell brings extensive expertise in planning, managing, and protecting the financial futures for all involved at SideKick Invest. He is an active community supporter and contributes regularly to the Boys and Girls Club in Talent, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Hearts with a Mission, and North Medford Baseball, and is a member of the Rogue Valley Country Club. In his spare time, Darrell enjoys hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, and golfing in the great outdoors of Southern Oregon.